ERKO – strong brand – definite colour!

In 2016 we are changing products colour to red.

Due to dynamic increase of range of products, number of suppliers, including subassemblies and components suppliers as well as expansion of markets, ERKO faced the need of building an easier identification system between the recipients and potential clients.

During the analysis of existing opportunities, it was decided to create an “ERKO World” for which the characteristics of image is specified by the red colour (RAL 3020). Repeatable, traceable red colour will also be introduced as part of the Company’s products colour.

The red colour is brave, uncompromising, colour of victory and fight. These are the characteristics of the Company, with such features ERKO is identified, as the Company seeking innovative solutions, constantly upgrading the quality of products, diversifying the offer, making the changes and improvements, very successful on the domestic and international markets.

Recognizable, global producers, beside the logotype, build exposure for their brands using products colour . This strategy is proven, ERKO chose the red colour.


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